The secret techniques behind the Best Portland Lunch Salad


Best Lamb Salad in Portland for lunch

Arugula, Borlotti Bean Salad, Cheesy Toasts and sliced tender Leg of Lamb is the best Portland salad!

Inspired by a gourmet lunch in the hilltop town of Chuisi, Italy; Chef Tamara makes our Italian Lamb Salad the best salad in Portland thru the use of modernist cooking techniques.  Sous vide cooking techniques allow us to cook low and slowly for 6 hours to tenderize the meat without overcooking and drying it out.   This special entree salad is only available this Tuesday.

Lamb Salad in Portland

Perfect rare and very tender Leg of Lamb only possible by modernist cooking techniques

A molecular gastronomy or modernist cooking method, “Sous Vide” cooking means to cook under vacuum in French.  Ideal for cooking tougher cuts of meat, the process starts with searing the meat to develop the delicious flavors derived from high temperature cooking.  The meat is then sealed in bags to contain the natural flavors and to allow maximum heat transfer during cooking.  The meat is submerged in a hot water bath with careful temperature control at the desired finished meat temperature.  Careful selection of both the temperature and the time will determine the degree of pasteurization, texture, doneness, and meat color.  With the relatively low temperatures, the meat can be cooked for long periods of time tenderizing the meat without overcooking.  While some chefs claim to be artists, for high quality food, you have to start with science.

Lamb Lunch Salad in Portland

Portland’s Best Salad starts with a little Molecular Gastronomy Magic

Tuesday’s lunch entree at Cafe Voila in downtown Portland is Chef Tamara’s Italian Lamb Salad.  A traditional borlotti bean salad with fresh herbs and red onion accompanies the sliced medium rare leg of lamb cooked sous vide and which is served with an Arugula Salad with shaved Italian cheeses and tossed with fresh lemon and extra virgin olive oil.  Fresh quality ingredients are essential to making the best salad in Portland….especially for only $8.00.

Kitchen science for the best lunch salad

Sample temperature setting – actual time and temperature is our Chef’s trade secret.

We hope you can join us at Cafe Voila on Tuesday for the best salad in Portland at SW 9th and Washington!


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