Cafe Voila Weekly Menu

Come Visit our ADDITIONAL location in NW Industrial Portland at 3271  NW 29th Ave near the intersection with Yeon/Hwy 30 and while you are here, say hello to our team of chefs at this NEW central commissary kitchen!

Café Voilà Menu for May 21st to May 25th

NW Cafe Exclusive:

Braised Beef Red Chili – Chunks of Braised Beef in Red Chili with Black Beans, Cilantro, Cheddar, and Red Onions $8.00 df

Lunch Entrée Specials   add your choice of side salad or cup of soup for $2.75

Mon-Italian Lamb Salad-Tuscan inspired Lamb Salad of Arugula, Rosemary Toasts, Truffled Beans, and Italian Cheeses $8.75  

Tues- Mediterranean Chicken- Herb Roasted Chicken with Vegetable Ratatouille, Chickpea Puree, and Feta Crumbles $8.75 gf

Wed- Indian Biriyani Rice- Chicken and Vegetables in Spiced Basmati Rice with Crispy Poppadom Cracker and Yogurt $8.75 gf

Thurs- Bourbon Beef- Beef Tri Tip in Bourbon Molasses Sauce with Black Eyed Pea Salad and Cornbread with Honey $8.75

Fri- Thai Curry Chicken- Chicken braised in Red Curry Coconut with Jasmine Fried Rice, Peanuts, and Thai Basil $8.75 gf,df

Cafe Voilà’s Real House-Made Soups  $4.00 cup / $5.75 bowl, add a cup to lunch entrée for $2.75 more

Monday- Portuguese Caldo Verde- Portuguese Green Soup of Potato, Bacon, and Hearty Greens gf,df

Mon/Tues- Yellow Split Pea- Toasted Cumin Seed Yellow Split Pea Soup garnished with Cilantro Pesto vg,gf

Tues/Wed- Tomato Barley and Bacon- Rich Tomato and Barley Soup with Smoky Bacon and Herbs df

Wed/Thurs- Red Lentil and Carrot- Masoor Dal Red Lentil and Carrot Soup garnished with Coconut Chutney vg,gf

Thurs/Fri- Celeriac Potato Apple- Potato Bisque with Celery Root and Apple garnished with Lovage-Parsley Oil v,gf

Friday- Tomato & Spinach Bisque– Traditional Creamy Tomato Bisque cooked with Fresh Spinach and Herbs v,gf

Chef-Baked Sweet Treats

Apricot and Rosemary Scone- Fresh Rosemary Scones filled with Sweet Apricot Jam $3.00 v

Bittersweet Chocolate Flourless Truffle Brownie- Flourless Chocolate Brownie with Decadent Ganache topping $3.00 v gf

Coconut Lime Shortbread- Shortbread Crust with Lime Curd and Toasty Coconut Macaroon topping $3.00 v

Banana Walnut Bread- Traditional Moist Banana Bread with Sweet Spices and Toasted Walnuts $3.00 v

Breakfast and Lunch Entrées

Corned Beef Hash– Two Poached Eggs, Corned Tri-Tip Beef, Yukon Gold Potato, and Whole Grain Mustard Sauce $6.25 gf *

Ham & Ricotta Tart– Black Forest Ham layered with our house made Ricotta Cheese baked in an Egg Custard Tart $3.50

Canadian Bacon Biscuit Sandwich– House Cured & Smoked Canadian Bacon, Poached Egg, and Hollandaise Sauce $4.75*

Leek and Mushroom Frittata– Sautéed Leeks and Mushroom in a Spinach Frittata topped with Cheese $3.50 v, gf

Ranchero Chile Relleno- Chile Poblano Relleno with a Poached Egg, Hatch Red Chile Sauce, and Black Beans $5.75* v

Fresh Ricotta Cheese Lasagna with Side– House Made Ricotta layered with Rich Tomato Sauce and Basil Pesto $8.50 v

Gourmet Salads     $3.75 small, / $5.25 large;     Choose 2: Salad or ½ Sandwich or Cup  of Soup $7.25;     Choose 3 Salads for $7.25

Verde Cauliflower Salad- Roasted Cauliflower and Pasta dressed in Italian Verde Sauce of Parsley and Capers v

Roasted Beet and Apple Salad- Oven Roasted Beets and Apples with Toasted Walnuts in Cider Vinaigrette vg,gf

Spanish Chickpea Salad- Spanish inspired Chickpea Salad of Fresh Peppers and Capers in Lemon Saffron Dressing vg,gf

Sandwiches    whole $6.50   half $3.75

Turkey & Brie Sandwich– Roasted Turkey Breast & slices of creamy Brie Cheese with fresh Rosemary Aioli

Proscuitto Baguette– Shaved Italian Proscuitto with sliced Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Arugula, & Lemon Aioli

Tuna Sandwich– Our own Tuna Salad with Capers, Celery, & Fresh Herbs on Grand Central Wheat Bread  df

Basil Chicken– Shaved Chicken Breast with House Pickled Fennel, Provolone, Spinach, and Basil Mayonnaise

Italian Egg Sandwich– Sliced Hard Boiled Egg, Tomato, and Fresh Spinach on Sourdough with Lemon Aioli  v

Smoked Meatloaf Sandwich– Cherry Wood smoked Meatloaf with Garlic Aioli, Tomato, and Bread & Butter Pickles

Entrée Salads $8.75 & Wild Steelhead $9.25

Classic Turkey Cobb– Turkey Breast & Greens with Bleu Cheese, Bacon, & Avocado with Red Wine Vinaigrette gf

Garlic Chicken Caesar– Romaine topped with Garlic Chicken, Parmesan, & Garlic Croutons with Caesar Dressing

Smoked Wild Steelhead – Butterleaf and Spinach, Candied Almonds, Pickled Celery,& Grapefruit Vinaigrette gf,df

Chicken Pepita– Butterleaf with Chicken Breast, Spiced Pumpkin Seeds, & Queso with Lime-Cumin Vinaigrette gf

Power Salad-Spinach, Kale, & Broccoli with Sunflower Seeds, Quinoa, Bleu Cheese, & Smoked Tomato Dressing v, gf

Tonno e Fagioli– Italian Tuna and Cannellini Beans Salad with Baby Greens, Romaine, and Parmesan Dressing  gf

Downtown Cafe Voila Only:

Smoked Wild Steelhead – Butterleaf and Spinach, Candied Almonds, Pickled Celery,& Grapefruit Vinaigrette gf,df


Cafe Voila Downtown Portland is located at 901 SW Washington and is open Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 PM.  Lunch and hot soups are available starting at 11am.

Cafe Voila Northwest Portland is located at 3271 NW 29th Ave just south of Yeon/HWY30 and is open Monday-Friday 7am to 3pm.  Lunch and hot soups are available starting at 10:30 am.

For Large Pre-Orders a minimum of 24 hours in advance call our kitchen at 503-788-5094.

 To contact Cafe Voila Downtown directly call us at 503-962-0558.

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