Real Canadian Bacon at Cafe Voila Portland

You know that funny stuff at the grocery store that they call “Canadian Bacon”?  What kind of over-processed, pressed meat product is that anyway?

When the chefs of Voila Catering and Café Voila want to serve Canadian Bacon, we start by curing a fresh whole pork loin for 6 days in a secret brine before slow smoking with chunks of apple wood for over 6 hours.  The results are nothing like the stuff purchased at the store.  The sweet, smokey, and slightly salty meat is perfect for our Canadian Bacon Biscuit!  Shaved Canadian Bacon is served with a lightly poached egg on a chef made scallion biscuit and topped with hollandaise.  Add a cup of our Italian Coffee for a perfect start to you day or have with a side green salad for a delicious lunch!


Cafe breakfast in downtown portland

Just smoked Pork Loin for our Canadian Bacon Biscuit in Portland

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