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Best Vegetarian Sandwich in Portland

Smoked Bell Peppers, crisp lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes, and our own house-made southern pimento cheese makes this sandwich served on Grand Central Sourdough one of the best vegetarian sandwiches in downtown Portland.  Only $6.50 at our little Cafe Voila on

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Best Portland Salad: Alder Smoked Steelhead Fall Salad

The bounty of fall is shared with one of the best Portland salads from Cafe Voila in downtown portland.  Slow smoked with Northwest Alder, fresh steelhead filet develops it’s sweet and salty and smoky flavor.  Delicous morsels of steelhead are

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House Smoked Ham Hock for Cafe Voila Soup and Gumbo

Smoked Ham Hocks For Cafe Voila in downtown Portland

Slowly dry-cured with for 5 days before slowly smoking with Bourbon Barrel and Hickory Wood, our smoked ham hocks are an essential ingredient in many of our soups and gumbo lunch dishes at Cafe Voila made by the skilled (and

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Best Portland Breakfast Sandwich at Cafe Voila

The Best Breakfast Sandwich in Portland is Cafe Voila’s Canadian Bacon Biscuit Sandwich!  We start by curing whole pork loin for 6 days in a special brine and then slowly smoke with maple wood for hours.  Our chef team even

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Cherry Smoked Meatloaf Sandwich at Cafe Voila in Downtown Portland

This week, Chef Tamara introduces our Smoked Meatloaf Sandwich at Café Voilà in downtown Portland!  We start with an all-beef, old-fashioned meatloaf which we slowly smoke with cherry wood and then cut into thick slices.  We spread roasted garlic aioli

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Corned Beef Sandwich at Cafe Voila in downtown Portland

House cured and then slowly braised brisket becomes delicious shaved corned beef as the central ingredient in downtown Portland’s best lunch sandwiches at Café Voila.          

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Mardi Gras at Cafe Voila for lunch in downtown Portland

Mardi Gras Gumbo today at Café Voila! Our from scratch Gumbo features pecan-smoked chicken meat and ham hock in a Cajun Gravy and served with Rice and a Fried Prawn and Pimento Cheese Beignet for only $8!

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Real Canadian Bacon at Cafe Voila Portland

You know that funny stuff at the grocery store that they call “Canadian Bacon”?  What kind of over-processed, pressed meat product is that anyway? When the chefs of Voila Catering and Café Voila want to serve Canadian Bacon, we start by curing

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Smoked Salmon Lunch Entree Salad

House cured and alder smoked wild salmon filet is served over butterleaf and spinach lettuces with pickled red onion and celery, grapefruit segments, our own candied almond slices and served tossed with our own house grapefruit vinaigrette….only $7.75 at Café

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Smoked Salmon for our affordable & gourmet Smoked Salmon lunch entree salad!

Wild Alaska Salmon is cured by the chef team of Café Voila and Voila Catering for over 24 hours and then slowly smoked with alder wood for 4+ hours….. the first step in making our newest affordable lunch entrée salad! 

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Smoked Steelhead Lunch Entree Salad in downtown Portland

Our own alder wood smoked steelhead filet Salad with roasted Sauvie Island Butternut Squash, Pickled Pear, Oregon Hazelnuts over peppery arugula and fresh spinach greens with our house made Maple Vinaigrette only from the chefs of Voila Catering in Portland

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Smoked Steelhead Entree Salad

Smoked Steelhead Salad is today’s special entrée Cafe Voila Portland.  Our own alderwood smoked fresh steelhead is paired with grapefruit segments, avocado, and candied almond slices over baby greens and is tossed to order with our grapefruit vinaigrette!

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Smoked Steelhead Biscuit

Smoked Steelhead Breakfast Biscuit with Poached Egg and Horseradish Beurre Blanc starts with our chefs smoking fresh steelhead filets with alderwood and hand-baking our flakey biscuits for one of the best breakfasts in downtown Portland Oregon!

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Portland Smoked Turkey and Split Pea Soup

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