Tuesday’s Thai Beef Flank Steak Salad at Cafe Voila Portland

Best Thai Beef Salad in downtown Portland

Thai Beef Flank Steak Salad at Cafe Voila Portland

On Tuesday our Thai Beef Flank Steak Salad is the lunch entree at Cafe Voila in Downtown Portland.  This fan favorite lunch salad features fresh tomato, cucumber slices, red onion, fresh cilantro and fresh mint over romaine and cabbage lettuces with the featured slices of our house sous vide Thai Beef Steak slices.

Beef for Thai Salad at Cafe Voila

Beef Flank Marinating under vacuum for 36+ hours for Salad

For Tuesday’s lunch at Cafe Voila, we started preparing the key ingredient on Friday.  We trimmed and then briefly seared each flank steak to create a flavorful coating before sealing under vacuum with our own chef-made Thai marinade.  We let the flank steak absorb the marinade flavors for over 36 hours before cooking.


Medium Steak for Thai Beef Salad

Scientifically cooked low and very slow for tender medium steak

Combining science and art, our chef team uses the sous vide cooking technique to slowly cook and tenderize the meat without over cooking the surface of the meat.


Beef Steak for Thai Salad

Sliced medium Beef Flank Steak

A quick video of the meat preparation for Tuesday’s lunch salad entree at Cafe Voila in downtown Portland by the skilled gourmet chefs of Voila Catering.

At only $8, our Thai Beef Lunch Salad is one of the best lunch deals in Portland!  We hope you can join us to enjoy this very special lunch salad at Cafe Voila in Downtown Portland at the corner of SW 9th and Washington


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